• Folding bluetooth headphones
    O-Buds Bluetooth Stereo Headphones allow you to enjoy digital-quality music wirelessly and switcht between music and phone calling mode freely.
  • Interchange the sleeve on your O-Bud earphone and keep them Tangle-Free Attach your chosen sleeve to the earphones using the jack. Interchange the sleeve on your earphones using one of the many designs. Earphones are now Tangle-Free.
  • O-Buds Primas

    O-Buds Primas earphones offer exceptional value for money, audio and durability. The unique O-Buds fabric sleeve keeps your earphones Tangle-Free
  • Use the O-Buds strap to keep your earphones tangle-free and accessible. Fasten the O-Buds Strap to each earphone wire using the press stud. Hang the O-Buds Strap around the back of the neck. Earphones are now suspended and ready to use.